Experience free lectures by Rutgers Professors: Professor Tracie Paulson and Professor Kimberlee Moran.

See what it means to be a Rutgers student. After every lecture you get the chance to meet the professor. You will also receive a University for Kids @ Rutgers-Camden Passbook in which you will get a stamp for each lecture attended. Once you have attended six lectures, you receive a University for Kids Certificate.

Upcoming Lectures

Friday, September 30
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Saturday, October 1
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Friday, October 21
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Saturday, October 22
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Friday, November 18
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Saturday, November 19
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Past Lectures

Saturday, May 14
2 free lectures

Lecture 1: The Very Hungry Butterfly
What do Monarch butterflies eat and where do they find their food? Monarch butterflies travel from Mexico to New Jersey and back again every year, so you can imagine they get very hungry.  Find out how hungry and how you can help.

Lecture 2: How to Make your Mark but not Get Away with Murder
What kinds of marks do fingers leave and how do we find them? Everyone has a unique fingerprint ID.  Find out how to collect them and how they are used.